Practice Note_ The Practice Notebook for Musicians

What's In Practice Note?​

  • 52 Weeks (1 Year) of Practice Pages 

  • Short-Term and Long-Term Goal Setting Pages

  • Monthly Recaps

  • 20 Pages of Practice Tips

  • Trackers Pages for Repertoire, Performances, and Achievements

  • Blank Note Pages and Staff Paper

Product Information:

  • Spot Gloss UV Hard Cover

  • Blue Metal Rings

  • Elastic Strap

  • Glossy Ribbon Bookmark

  • Full-Color Pages

  • High-Quality Paper

  • Size: 8.75" x 7.75" (Width Includes Metal Rings)


Practice Note: The Practice Notebook for Musicians

Blue Wire Rings

Practice Note: The Practice Notebook for Musicians

Ribbon Bookmark

Practice Note: The Practice Notebook for Musicians

Full Color

Practice Note: The Practice Notebook for Musicians

Spot Gloss UV

Practice Note: The Practice Notebook for Musicians

Elastic Band Closure



Practice Note comes with 52 weeks (1 year) worth of practice pages. The beauty of how Practice Note was created is that you can start it at any point during the year or any day of the week. If your lessons fall on a Wednesday, you can start your practice week on the same day. You do not need to start your week on a Sunday or Monday. Customize Practice Note to your schedule, not the other way around. 

Page 1 :

  • Boxes to organize what music you are practicing each week

  • Check boxes to keep track of what you practiced each day

  • Space to track the amount of time you practiced 

Page 2:

  • Boxes to track your notes and questions during the week 

  • Box to leave your weekly goals

  • Faces to reflect on how you are feeling that week

  • Blank music staff

Practice smarter, not harder!



After studying music almost her entire life, Practice Note founder, Gina Luciani (learn more about her HERE) learned the keys to what she believes makes for an efficient practice session. 

The first 20 pages of Practice Note offer a number of tips covering a range of topics from how best to structure your practice sessions, practice gear essentials, tips on how to prevent injury, and much more.

Practice Note will guide you toward getting the most out of each practice session while keeping you motivated.

Helpful Tips Included In Practice Note:

  1. How To Use Practice Note

  2. Practice Gear Essentials

  3. Tips On How To Practice

  4. How To Structure Your Practice Session

  5. How To Prevent Injury

  6. How To Set Goals

"As a musician, educator, and parent of two children taking weekly lessons on their instruments, I found the Practice Note notebook to be the perfect tool to help my kids document their work and develop a daily practice habit."

Nate Zeisler

Dr. Nathaniel Zeisler

Dean for Community Initiatives

The Colburn School | Career Developer

Musician Practice Tips | Practice Note: The Practice Notebook for Musicians




Oftentimes, musicians practice for the sake of practicing but without clear direction. By setting both short and long-term goals that are attainable, Practice Note will help you visualize a purpose for practicing.

In Practice Note, there is a dedicated section discussing the importance of setting goals and how to break them down to be most achievable. 

Goal Setting Included in Practice Note:

  1. Long-Term Goals - Full pages at start and end of book to establish broad goals and reflect on your progress

  2. Monthly Recaps - Full page check-in after every four weeks of practice

  3. Weekly Goals - Specific, focused goals built into the weekly practice pages

"Gina’s 'Practice Note' is so well thought out, and contains elements you didn’t even know you needed! I’ve shared it with my students and they love the goal-setting pages to keep them motivated and excited about the future. Her included practice tips are also invaluable tools for instrumentalists of all kinds."


Marta Honer

Violist/Violinist | Professor at Cal State LA

Teaching Artist at The Harmony Project

Goal Setting for Musicians | Practice Note

Practice Note is less than the average cost of 1 private lesson.




One of the things that we value about having a physical practice notebook is that it acts as a document of your achievements.

Sometimes it's easy to feel like you're not making a lot of progress with your practice, but it makes a world of difference when you can look back on an entire year and visibly see all of the amazing things you accomplished.

To help keep track of the music you played during the year, special performances, competitions, or anything else worth noting, Practice Note includes a "Trackers" section. This will also come in handy to refer to when filling out applications for auditions, competitions, college admissions, and much more!

Also included at the end of Practice Note are a few pages of blank notepaper and blank staff paper. 

Trackers + More Included In Practice Note:

  1. Repertoire Tracker

  2. Performances Tracker

  3. Achievements Tracker

  4. Notes

  5. Blank Staff Paper

Practice Note | Musician Practice Notebook | Musician Practice Journal

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Practice Note
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Practice Note: The Practice Notebook For Musicians

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