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I started taking private flute lessons when I was four years old. Yep, that's me on the right! Luckily, I had very experienced teachers that taught me how to practice correctly. One of the most helpful tools they provided me with was a weekly lesson sheet. The problem was, as I got older, those loose sheets would get lost and scattered.

After becoming a teacher myself, I searched for a bound practice notebook that I could have my students use. But to my surprise, there simply wasn't one that met my expectations. The ones that did exist all treated practice sessions as "assignments". Ugh...


Music is supposed to be fun and rewarding! And colorful and inspiring! 

That's when I came up with Practice Note. I set out to create a notebook that embraces the idea that learning an instrument can be exciting, modern, organized, vibrant, and straightforward! And that something called a "lesson sheet" could, I don't know, be kind of cool?

I must admit the final product far exceeded my wildest dreams, and I hope the excitement I've put into this rubs off on you as well!  

Gina Luciani Flute



Gina attended The Colburn Conservatory of Music (BM) and the University of Southern California (MM) before becoming a studio musician in Los Angeles. 

Most recently Gina performed with Beyoncé and Billie Eilish at the Oscars. She has also performed with artists such as Ariana Grande, and Carrie Underwood and has been the flute soloist on tv and film scores such as Minari, Arcane, Cobra Kai, Straight Outta Compton, The Nun, and Locke & Key.

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